2JZ VVTI Cam Tech


  • Camshaft lobe seperation theory and advantage/disadvantages.
  • VVTI advantages over standard fixed position cam engines
  • VVTI Cam noise with aftermarket cams
  • VVTI Cam gear noise with aftermarket cams / valve springs.
  • VVTI Tuning for best spool and top end power.
  • VVTI Tuning for a quiet smooth idle.

Aftermarket Cam Options

  • Kelford (T202 is a standard 2JZ cam, V202 is the vvti version.  Kelford makes all of their standard cams in vvti grinds as well.  Available since 2005)
  • GSC (S1 S2 and S3 are available in a vvti option as of 2008)
  • Titan Makes a custom Grind 272 vvti cam.  As far as I know its made by GSC.
  • BC makes 264/272 vvti cams… the ramp rate and half durations are very low.  These cams are built for top end power with high duration/lift with low ramp rate
  • Tomei makes some small 2jz cams, in between everyone else and stock.


VVTI System



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