Boost your charging system with a Toyota Tundra Alternator!

The tundra 4.7L has a 130/150 Amp alternator and it ALMOST bolts right up to your 2JZ.

Simple grind down the top ear by about 5MM and she will bolt right up.

Wiring goes as follows:

The 2JZ 3 pin connector the pins are as follows:
1-L-terminal for charging light
2-IG-terminal for ignition power
3-S-terminal for Alternator sense

The Tundra 4 pin connector the pins are as follows:
So pin 1 goes to 4, pin 2 goes to 2 and pin 3 goes to 1. The pin 3 is left vacant so use silicone sealant to fill it.
S = White
IG = Yellow Or Black-Yellow
L = Yellow-Green